Der Songwriter – Band 1 – 3

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The Story

Why is the story a «music novel»

Unfortunately, the genre «music novel» does not yet exist in this explicit definition. Not yet! This is unfortunate given there have long been movies that depict the music scene (e.g. Lady Gaga: A Star Is Born; Elton John: Rocketman or the successful TV series Nashville).

«The Songwriter» depicts the music business in Nashville in great detail and immerses the reader in a fast-paced story comprising love, integrity, friendship, resilience, hope and disappointment. In the carefully researched and authentic love and music story, readers learn how record companies, producers and publishers pull the strings in the background, how recording sessions in the studio are performed and what problems the music industry has to deal with on a daily basis. It also serves as a kind of travel guide with «top» insider tips from the author for anyone seeking music clubs, bars and restaurants in Nashville.


Can the loser make his dreams come true?

In this fictional «music novel», the author shows how Joe Baker, the main character of the book, gets back on his feet following many negative experiences, leaves everything behind and heads straight to Nashville to try his luck as a professional songwriter. The book takes readers into the world of a songwriter who refuses to give up and overcomes hardships to make his dreams become reality.

But for Joe, success does not come without a price. The author places many obstacles in the way of his protagonist: Joe’s endeavor for professional recognition in Music City is repeatedly marked by continuous rejections on behalf of music publishers and record companies…until one day, he is informed that one of his songs has been selected to be recorded on the debut CD of an aspiring singer. And suddenly, things change dramatically…

Of course, what would a novel be without the presence of women: Joe Baker’s ex-girlfriend and his new crush – a beautiful, awe inspiring female country singer – provide all the suspense needed to rock Joe’s emotional life.



Title: The Songwriter (Following the sound of love)

Author: Chris Regez

Print-Edition: ISBN

E-Book: ISBN

Publisher: BookBaby

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